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What are the uses of the Allen screws?


The head of the screw head of the hexagon socket screw is round, and the middle is a concave hexagon. The hexagon screw is the kind of hexagon that is common to many screw heads.

Hexagon socket screws are often used on machinery. They mainly have the advantages of easy fastening and disassembly, and are not easy to slip. The Allen key is generally a 90° bend. The bent one end is long and short. When the short side is used, the long side of the hand can save a lot of force and can better tighten the screws.
The long end has a round head (a hexagonal cylinder resembles a sphere) and a flat head. The round head can be easily disassembled and installed with some inconvenient wrenches. The manufacturing cost of the hexagonal hex is much lower than that of the hexagonal hex. Its advantage is that the screw head (wrench position) is thinner than the internal hexagon, and some of the advantages are not replaced by the hexagonal hex. In addition, the use of low-cost, low-intensity, low-precision machinery uses hexagonal screws than the outer hexagon.