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Basic composition of elastic buffer

The elastic buffer is mainly composed of the buffer body, elastic medium parts, support parts and coupling parts.  
The buffer body is used to accommodate and connect the elastic medium parts, support parts, connecting parts, etc., and the buffer is fixed on the gun (gun) body (gun (machine) box.  
Most of the elastic medium parts are springs, which produce elasticity when the weapon recoils and rushes forward to cushion the force and impulse of the weapon against the mounting frame.  The spring is installed in the buffer body, supported on the support, there is a certain pre-pressure.  
The supporting parts are mostly gaskets, which are used to support springs and transfer the movement and compression springs of weapons;  Transfer the spring force to move the weapon.  
The connecting parts are mostly connecting rods, which are used to install washers and springs, connect the weapon mounting frame, and transfer the working force of the spring to the weapon mounting frame.  
The buffer body is fixed on the weapon, and the buffer coupling is fixedly connected with the weapon mounting frame. Both ends of the buffer spring are on the washer, and the washer is on the buffer body and the coupling.  When launching, the buffer body moves back and forth with the weapon body. The buffer body compresses the buffer spring through the washer, and the spring force is transmitted to the buffer coupling through the washer at the other end, which transmits the spring force to the weapon mounting frame.