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What are the system anchors


System anchor is a kind of anchorage measure used to ensure the stability and safety of surrounding rock, ground slope and foundation of underground cavern.  

Popular explanations, system anchoring bolt are surrounding rock of underground caverns in order to ensure, ground slope, the stability of the foundation safe and adopt a anchoring measure, is usually full excavation surface grid layout, there are different types of system anchoring bolt, use morer mortar anchor, namely reinforced bar again for drilling grouting bored after installation, also have a plenty of grouting and then inserted steel construction order,  The longitudinal and transverse spacing of the bolt is generally 1.5 ~ 2m, the diameter is generally more than 20mm, and the pulling force of a single bolt is generally more than 5T.  The system anchor rod is generally used at the same time with the shotcrete layer on the excavation surface, and the joint force is applied.  Sometimes D25 hollow grouting bolts can be used instead.